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Question 1: Prompt criticality must be avoided in the operation of a ________ as it will cause a rapid uncontrollable increase in reactor activity resulting in irreparable damage to the primary containment of the reactor, namely the fuel cladding.
Nuclear powerNuclear reactor technologyUraniumPlutonium

Question 2: ________, 3 January 1961
Shippingport Atomic Power StationExperimental Breeder Reactor ISL-1Browns Ferry Nuclear Power Plant

Question 3: Some ________, for example, do not contain enough fuel of high enough enrichment to make a prompt critical assembly with the materials in the core.
Light water reactorNuclear reactor technologyNuclear powerPressurized water reactor

Question 4: Some of the nuclei resulting from the fission are radioactive isotopes with short half-lives, and ________ among them release additional neutrons after a long delay of up to several minutes after the initial fission event.
Nuclear fusionAtomNuclear fissionNuclear reaction

Question 5: ________, 6 September 1968
United States biological weapons programAberdeen Proving GroundPine Bluff ArsenalDugway Proving Ground

Question 6: A catastrophic fire in the ________ neutron moderator compounded the problem, sending massive amounts of radioactive debris into the atmosphere.
CarbonCarbon nanotubeDiamondGraphite

Question 7: In ________, an assembly is prompt critical if for each nuclear fission event, one or more of the immediate or prompt neutrons released causes an additional fission event.
Nuclear engineeringAerospace engineeringBiomedical engineeringNuclear technology

Question 8: However a small additional source of neutrons is the ________.
Radioactive wasteNuclear fission productLong-lived fission productIntegral Fast Reactor

Question 9: In the design of ________, on the other hand, achieving prompt criticality is essential.
Nuclear arms raceNuclear weapons testingNuclear proliferationNuclear weapon

Question 10: Since the reactor was not designed with a ________ capable of containing this catastrophic explosion, the accident released large amounts of radioactive material into the environment.
Chernobyl disasterContainment buildingNuclear reactor technologyPressurized water reactor


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