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Question 1: Randi also offered his services to watch the experiments as a control, noting that a ________ would be an excellent person to look for fakery.
ConjurationMagic (paranormal)GhostCeremonial magic

Question 2: This had been the modus operandi of Uri Geller while being tested at ________; whenever something did not work, he simply did something else instead.
Douglas EngelbartClairvoyanceSRI InternationalEngineering

Question 3: Project Alpha was an elaborate hoax orchestrated by the stage magician and skeptic ________.
PsychokinesisMichael ShermerJames RandiParapsychology

Question 4: The vast majority quickly proved to have no such ability, or, just as commonly, used ________ to make their "abilities" work.
MicromagicMagic (illusion)Sleight of handCoin magic

Question 5: It involved planting two fake psychics, Steve Shaw (now better known as Banachek) and Michael Edwards, into a ________ research project.
PsychokinesisParanormalGhostCharles Fort


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