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Project A-ko: Quiz


Question 1: Voiced by: Tesshō Genda (Japanese), ________ (English)
Beast Wars: TransformersThe Ocean GroupScott McNeilBeast Machines

Question 2: Among the subtle clues that hint that A-ko's parents are none other than DC Comics characters Diana Prince (Wonder Woman) and ________ (Superman):
KryptoniteJimmy OlsenClark KentLois Lane

Question 3: There are also elements of Mobile Suit Gundam's ________ in the character (as Napolipolita resembles Char in his Zeta Gundam incarnation), which is unsurprising, as both characters are voiced by Shuichi Ikeda.
Char AznableSayla MassGihren ZabiAmuro Ray

Question 4: B-ko's Akagiyama-23 powersuit paved the way for other female powered suits such as the Hard Suits of ________.
Bubblegum CrisisA.D. Police FilesBubblegum Crisis Tokyo 2040A.D. Police

Question 5: Project A-ko (プロジェクトA子 Purojekuto Eeko?) is a popular movie that spun off 3 OVA movies and later two alternate-universe ________ (the "Vs." series) were released.
AnimeSaint SeiyaOriginal video animationDirect-to-video

Question 6: A brief glimpse of A-ko's parents is shown; they appear to be none other than American superheroes ________ and Wonder Woman, an apparent explanation for A-ko's superhuman abilities.
SupermanDarkseidSupergirl (Kara Zor-El)Superboy (Kon-El)

Question 7: The title itself is a reference to a ________ movie, Project A.
Jackie Chan filmographySammo HungJackie ChanJackie Chan Stunt Team

Question 8: They successfully infiltrate the spaceship, but, as soon as C-ko is found, B-ko reneges on her earlier truce and attacks A-ko, instigating a gunfight between herself and the ________ Captain Napolipolita.
BenzodiazepineAlcoholismAddictionDrug addiction

Question 9: Project A-ko was initially planned to be part of the Cream Lemon series of ________ OVAs, but during the production of the series, it was decided to make it into a more mainstream title.

Question 10: During the battle between Earth's defense forces and Captain Napolipolita's ship, a fighter plane fires a volley of missiles at the ship; one of which is a ________ can.
PepsiJones SodaCoca-ColaPepsiCo

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