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Question 1: Despite Jumblatt's initial reluctance to engage in paramilitarism, it built a powerful private army, which proved to be one of the strongest in the ________ of 1975 to 1990.
2006 Lebanon WarHezbollah1982 Lebanon WarLebanese Civil War

Question 2: The Progressive Socialist Party (or PSP) (Arabic: الحزب التقدمي الاشتراكي‎, al-hizb al-taqadummi al-ishtiraki) is a political party in ________.

Question 3: Its main adversaries were the Maronite Christian Phalangist militia, and later the ________ militia (which absorbed the Phalangists).
Cedar RevolutionHezbollahLebanese ForcesSyrian Social Nationalist Party

Question 4: It conquered much of ________ and the Chouf District.
SyriaOttoman EmpireMount LebanonDruze

Question 5: The political realization of the ground control of Hizbollah was translated though ________ agreement in Qatar in May 16, 2008[3].
DohaAmmanKuwait CityDamascus

Question 6: Later, he has drifted into sharp opposition towards the group, and has decided to support their disarmament, claiming that Syria and ________ are trying to take over Lebanon through Hezbollah.
AzerbaijanIraqIranIran–Iraq War

Question 7: The PSP held in ________ the first conference for the Socialist Arab Parties in Lebanon, Syria, Egypt and Iraq in 1951.

Question 8: The most notable of these was ________ (Walid Jumblatt's father).
Kamal JumblattSyriaLebanonLebanese Civil War

Question 9: Now PSP, ________ and several other Lebanese political parties share a "national unity government" in Lebanon.
2006 Israel–Gaza conflictLebanese Civil WarHezbollah2006 Lebanon War

Question 10: However, he was opposed to the demand that ________ be disarmed, and insisted on maintaining relations with the Shia Islamist party.
2006 Israel–Gaza conflictLebanese Civil WarHezbollah2006 Lebanon War


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