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Progressive Christianity: Quiz


Question 1: Central to this recovery of awe in the cosmos is the ________, the 14-billion-year history of the universe.
Epic of EvolutionCreationismMichael DowdCreation–evolution controversy

Question 2: Throughout the 20th century, a strand of progressive or liberal Christian thought outlined the values of a 'good ________'.
Jürgen HabermasSocietyDemocracyPolitical philosophy

Question 3: ________ for racial justice in the American South
Civil rights movementRosa ParksAfrican-American Civil Rights Movement (1955–1968)Martin Luther King, Jr.

Question 4: An affirmation of the Christian ________ with a simultaneous sincere respect for other faiths

Question 5: It was influential in the US mainline churches, and reflected global trends in ________.
Free schoolStudent activismYouth activismStudents for a Democratic Society (1960 organization)

Question 6: This has been reflected in many later Christian traditions of service and ministry, and more recently in the United States of America through Christian involvement in political trends such as the ________ and the Social Gospel.
New DealVermont Progressive PartyPositive libertyProgressivism

Question 7: Evolutionary evangelist and progressive minister ________ uses the term Epic of Evolution or Great Story to help construct his viewpoint of evolution theology (theology of evolution).
Religious naturalismTheistic evolutionCreation–evolution controversyMichael Dowd

Question 8: His position is that science and religious faith are not mutually exclusive (a form of ________).
Secular humanismReligious naturalismAtheismAgnosticism

Question 9: It contributed to the ecumenical movement, as represented internationally by the World Student Christian Federation and the World Council of Churches internationally, and at the national level through groups such as the ________ in the USA and Australian Student Christian Movement.
Black churchNational Council of ChurchesUnited Methodist ChurchChurch World Service

Question 10: Holding to the ideals of Progressive Christianity sets the movement apart from other forms of traditional ________.
EcumenismChristianityChristian denominationBaptist


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