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Program and System Information Protocol: Quiz


Question 1: MGT (master guide table)¹ - ________ to other PSIP tables
Pointer (computing)Reference (computer science)String (computer science)Associative array

Question 2: the exact time referenced to ________ and GPS time;
Radio clockTime standardTime zoneCoordinated Universal Time

Question 3: This is most likely to be a ZIP or other postcode, which can select ________-based programming to show, such as television commercials or weather bulletins, possibly taken from an accompanying datacasting channel.
DemographyJohn F. KennedyBaby boomerDemographics

Question 4: STT (system time table)¹ - current time, transmitted at least once per ________, with an accuracy of new time values within 1 second or better
ClockCoordinated Universal TimeSecondInternational Atomic Time

Question 5: PSIP information may be passed through the airchain using proprietary protocols or through use of the ________-based Programming Metadata Communication Protocol (PMCP, or ATSC A/76) facility metadata scheme.
Scalable Vector GraphicsXHTMLHTMLXML

Question 6: ¹ indicates a ________ requirement
Federal Communications CommissionMobile televisionCBSUltra high frequency

Question 7: PSIP defines virtual channels and content ratings, as well as electronic program guides with titles and (optionally) descriptions to be decoded and displayed by the ________.
All-Channel Receiver ActCoupon-eligible converter boxATSC tunerATSC (standards)

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