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Question 1:
How is Progesterone excreted?
56% renal
Renal, 90%
Renal 61u201388%

Question 2:
What is the chemical name of Progesterone (IUPAC)

Question 3: Wild yams contain a plant steroid called diosgenin, however there is no evidence that the human body can ________ diosgenin into progesterone.
3-hydroxy-3-methylglutaryl-CoA lyaseLipid metabolismMetabolismAmino acid

Question 4: Progesterone is starting to be used in the treatment of the skin condition ________.
Acne vulgarisHidradenitis suppurativaCrohn's diseaseAbscess

Question 5: Progesterone in turn (see lower half of figure to the right) is the precursor of the mineralocorticoid ________, and after conversion to 17-hydroxyprogesterone (another natural progestogen) of cortisol and androstenedione.

Question 6: Like other steroids, progesterone consists of four interconnected ________.

Question 7: It raises ________ levels, a factor often used to induce proliferation, and used to sustain cultures, of stem cells.
Epidermal growth factorInsulin-like growth factor 1Nerve growth factorInsulin-like growth factor 2

Question 8: [26] They are investigated for their potential to improve ________ and cognitive ability.
NeuropsychologyCognitive psychologyKC (patient)Memory

Question 9: However, the roles of progesterone may not be fulfilled by the synthetic progestins which in some cases were designed solely to ________ progesterone's uterine effects.
PredationMimicryAggressive mimicryVavilovian mimicry

Question 10: Blood clots may develop which can result in strokes and heart attacks which may lead to death or long-term disability; pulmonary embolus or ________ can also develop as a result of progesterone therapy.
Mammary ductal carcinomaBreast cancer classificationBreast cancerLung cancer

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