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Question 1: In business, this figure takes account of ________ strategy, market position, and other methods of increasing returns above the competitive rate.
MarketingAdvertisingBusiness marketingMarketing management

Question 2: For instance, a ________ can have very high economic profits, and those profits might include a rent on some natural resource that firm owns, where that resource cannot be easily duplicated by other firms.
MonopolyBarriers to entryCompetition lawNatural monopoly

Question 3: Accounting profits should include economic profits, which are also called ________.
Economic rentDavid RicardoNeoclassical economicsGeorgism

Question 4: Profit and Loss, ________ (1951)
Murray RothbardLudwig von MisesLew RockwellFriedrich von Hayek

Question 5: Net income less ________ becomes retained earnings.
Financial ratioEV/EBITDADividendReturn on equity


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