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Professional wrestling holds: Quiz


Question 1: ________ became well known for the use of this hold, which he called the Crippler Crossface.
Stone Cold Steve AustinChris JerichoChris BenoitBooker Huffman

Question 2: It is considered legal in professional wrestling, although it is a ________.
Brazilian Jiu-JitsuStranglingChokeholdGrappling hold

Question 3: The move itself was invented by former doctor-turned wrestler ________, who is more widely known as being convicted for the murder of his wife on circumstantial evidence, only to be released later on.
ClevelandOhioSam SheppardColumbus, Ohio

Question 4: This hold is often transitioned into a submission, powerbomb, ________, or suplex.
BackbreakerFacebusterProfessional wrestling attacksProfessional wrestling aerial techniques

Question 5: This move was invented by Dory Funk and then completed by ________.
Harley RaceTerry FunkJack BriscoDory Funk, Jr.

Question 6: This is a legitimate controlling/debilitating hold, and is commonly used by police officers in the ________ to subdue uncooperative persons for arrest.
PhilippinesUnited StatesAlaskaCanada

Question 7: An element borrowed from professional wrestling's ________ origins, stretches (or submission holds) are techniques in which a wrestler holds another in a position that puts stress on the opponent's body.
Brazilian Jiu-JitsuMartial artsPehlwaniCatch wrestling

Question 8: The wrestler locks both of the opponent's arms into chickenwings, and then pushes upward on the opponent's back (lower ________).
Coracoid processHumerusClavicleScapula

Question 9: This is frequently used during Battle royal or ________ matches.
WWE Brand ExtensionWorld Wrestling EntertainmentWWE RawRoyal Rumble

Question 10: A common move out of this transition can be a ________ or a suplex.
Professional wrestling aerial techniquesProfessional wrestling holdsPowerbombProfessional wrestling attacks

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