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Professional wrestling attacks: Quiz


Question 1: Based on the field goal kick but named for the punt kick used in ________, this sees the wrestler take a run up to a kneeling opponent and strike him in the head with the sole of his foot.
Touch football (American)American footballGridiron footballArena football

Question 2: A clothesline used by ________ that is named after his "Cactus Jack" gimmick.
Jeff HardyMick FoleyRob Van DamKevin Nash

Question 3: This is a move in which a wrestler performs a tilting sequence, similar to that of an actual ________, in between the ring ropes (usually near a ringpost) in order to gain momentum to perform an attack or a counterattack.
PendulumKater's pendulumEscapementPendulum clock

Question 4: [1] This move has been closely associated with ________, often being referred to as a "Harley Race-style High Knee".
Harley RaceRic FlairDusty Rhodes (wrestler)Terry Funk

Question 5: Attacking maneuvers are offensive moves in ________, used to set up an opponent for a submission hold or for a throw.
World Wrestling EntertainmentNational Wrestling AllianceProfessional wrestlingGlobal Professional Wrestling Alliance

Question 6: Professional wrestling contains a variety of punches and kicks found in ________ and other fighting sports; the moves listed below are more specific to wrestling itself.
Martial artsBrazilian Jiu-JitsuChinese martial artsJujutsu

Question 7: Another variation used by ________ that he calls the Go 2 Sleep 2.0, in which he lifts the opponent in a snap military press, & drops him into a lifting kick to the face.
Chris HeroRoderick StrongBriscoe BrothersDavey Richards

Question 8: This move requires high agility and is mainly used by smaller wrestlers in ________ and Mexico.
CambodiaCanadaUnited KingdomJapan

Question 9: The chop block is a shoulder block that targets the back of an opponent's ________.
HipLower limbKneeHuman leg

Question 10: A ________ is an attack using the foot, knee or leg to strike any part of the opponent's body.
KickShōrinji-ryūKarateOkinawan martial arts

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