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Professional wrestling aerial techniques: Quiz


Question 1: Giro (Spanish for spin) was mistranslated as Hilo in ________ and the name Hilo (which in Spanish actually means thread) has remained outside of Mexico.
JapanCanadaCambodiaUnited Kingdom

Question 2: [27] Suplexes performed from the top or second rope are referred to as superplexes; while ________ performed from the top or second rope are referred to as superbombs.
Professional wrestling attacksPowerbombProfessional wrestling aerial techniquesProfessional wrestling holds

Question 3: [19] Art Barr's tag team partner, ________, used the more common variation as a tribute to Barr after Barr's death in late 1994.
Bret HartEddie GuerreroChris JerichoStone Cold Steve Austin

Question 4: The technique's name is a reference to the stomping attacks used by video game character ________, often on mushroom-themed enemies and environments.
LuigiMario (series)Bowser (character)Mario

Question 5: A shooting star press is a technique invented by ________.
Sean WaltmanYoshihiro TajiriÚltimo DragónJushin Liger

Question 6: Aerial techniques are maneuvers, using the ring and its posts and ropes as aids, used in ________ to show off the speed and agility of a wrestler.
World Wrestling EntertainmentProfessional wrestlingNational Wrestling AllianceGlobal Professional Wrestling Alliance

Question 7: In ________, this is called a Pescado when the top ring rope is used for a slingshot, though the term plancha has been popularly accepted in American wrestling for the same maneuver.
Consejo Mundial de Lucha LibreProfessional wrestlingLucha libreEl Hijo del Santo

Question 8: ________
Professional wrestling aerial techniquesProfessional wrestling attacksProfessional wrestling double-team maneuversDoomsday Device

Question 9: A ________ in which the attacking wrestler jumps from a raised platform (usually the second turnbuckle) and grabs an opponent's neck while in midair, thereby taking them down with a neckbreaker.
FacebusterProfessional wrestling throwsDDT (professional wrestling)Neckbreaker

Question 10: The shiranui (or sea fire in English) is a springboard backflip three-quarter facelock falling reverse DDT innovated by ________.
Kenta KobayashiNaomichi MarufujiJushin LigerKatsuhiko Nakajima


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