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Question 1: For example, ________ would arrive into the arena in a lowrider.
Eddie GuerreroChris JerichoBret HartStone Cold Steve Austin

Question 2: darkening of the arena, often accompanied by mood lighting or strobe lighting, such as in ________'s dramatic entrance
Paul WightThe UndertakerChris JerichoGlenn Jacobs

Question 3: Many television shows and films have been produced which portray in-character professional wrestlers as protagonists, such as ¡Mucha Lucha!, ________, and the Santo film series.
Charlotte's Web (2006 film)Hotel for Dogs (film)Nacho LibreBarnyard (film)

Question 4: Its origins date to 19th-century carnival sideshows and ________, as part of displays of athleticism and strength.
IslingtonMusic hallLondonMusic hall songs

Question 5: Wrestlers may strike an opponent using any part of their own limbs, head or body, with the following exceptions: a wrestler may not punch his or her opponent with a closed fist nor ________ his or her opponent with the toe of their boot.
Okinawan martial artsShōrinji-ryūKarateKick

Question 6: Although professional wrestling started out as petty acts in sideshows, traveling circuses and ________, today it is a billion-dollar industry.
SpainMardi GrasCarnivalMalta

Question 7: [25] The characters and storylines portrayed by a successful promotion are seen to reflect the current mood, attitudes, and concerns of that promotion's ________[15][16] (and can, in turn, influence those same things).
Jürgen HabermasSocietyPolitical philosophyDemocracy

Question 8: [26] Wrestling's high levels of violence and masculinity make it a vicarious outlet for ________ during peacetime.
Major urinary proteinsAggressionTestosteroneEstradiol

Question 9: This began with ________, who faced men (and usually defeated them) in both ECW and WWF.
Shawn MichaelsJeff JarrettLuna VachonChyna

Question 10: Several documentaries have been produced looking at professional wrestling, most notably, ________ directed by Barry W.
Mick FoleyTerry FunkStone Cold Steve AustinBeyond the Mat

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