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Question 1: Philips invented the Plumbicon pick up ________ in 1965, that gave tube cameras a cleaner picture.
Charge-coupled deviceVideo camera tubeLightElectron

Question 2: This was a custom pre ________ video System.
1080pHigh-definition televisionNTSCATSC (standards)

Question 3: This was the first major high-definition analog wideband videotape-to-film post production using a film recorder for ________.
Motion picture film scannerFilm-outTelecineVirtual telecine

Question 4: The more successful of these used the ________ recording system.
BetamaxBetacamXDCAMUniversal Media Disc

Question 5: Recording is to a professional medium like some variant of ________ or DVCPRO or Direct to disk recording or flash memory.
BetacamXDCAMUniversal Media DiscBetamax

Question 6: Most studio cameras stand on the floor, usually with pneumatic or ________ mechanisms called pedestals to adjust the height, and are usually on wheels.
Al-JazariMuslim Agricultural RevolutionHydraulicsIslamic Golden Age

Question 7: ________' line of Norelco cameras were also very popular with models such as PC-60 (1965), PC-70 (1967) and PCP-90 (1968 Handheld).
ING GroupHeineken InternationalPhilipsTomTom

Question 8: This had a 10 MHz bandwidth twice ________ resolution.
Broadcast television systemsSECAMNTSCPAL

Question 9: ________/BTS-Broadcast Television Systems Inc. later came out with an LDK line of camera, like its last high end tube camera the LDK 6 (1982).
ING GroupHeineken InternationalPhilipsTomTom

Question 10: The RCA TK-40 is considered to be the first ________ camera for broadcasts in 1953.
Color televisionPALUnited StatesUnited Kingdom


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