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Productive and unproductive labour: Quiz


Question 1: is capable of performing surplus-labour) and adding to a ________.
Surplus labourSurplus productCapital accumulationSurplus value

Question 2: In the first volume of ________, Marx suggests that productive labour may be a misfortune:
MarxismFriedrich EngelsKarl MarxDas Kapital

Question 3: the definition of productive and unproductive labour is specific to each specific type of society (for example, feudal society, capitalist society, socialist society etc.) and depends on the given ________.
Relations of productionHistorical materialismLaw of valueSurplus value

Question 4: Capitalistically productive labour is therefore labour which adds to the mass of ________, primarily through profitably producing goods and services for market sale.
Capital accumulationSurplus valueSurplus productValue product

Question 5: the only objective definition of productive labour is in terms of what is as a matter of fact productive within the conditions of a given ________.
Surplus productMarxismHistorical materialismMode of production

Question 6: there exists no neutral definition of productive and unproductive labour; what is productive from the point of view of one ________ may not be productive from the point of view of another.
Social stratificationWorking classUpper classSocial class

Question 7: In part, that is because the ________ is not static but constantly evolving.
Surplus valueCapitalismKarl MarxDivision of labour

Question 8: from the point of view of the capitalist class, labour is productive, if it increases the value of (private) capital or results in (private) ________.
Surplus productSurplus valueCapital accumulationMarxism

Question 9: Four important overall results of neo-liberal economic reforms since 1980 and of ________ have been
International Monetary FundGlobalizationASEANWorld Trade Organization

Question 10: In the USSR and later other socialist countries in Eastern Europe, ________ and Cuba, a system of social accounts was created based around the notion of the "material product" (Material Product System, or "MPS").
Religion in ChinaTime in ChinaChinaProvince (China)


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