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Product (business): Quiz


Question 1: In marketing, a product is anything that can be offered to a ________ that might satisfy a want or need[5].
EconomicsFinancial economicsMarketMoney

Question 2: [11] Within the insurance industry, product lines are indicated by the type of risk coverage, such as ________, commercial insurance and life insurance.
Vehicle insuranceNo-fault insuranceTerrorism insuranceHome insurance

Question 3: The economic or commercial meaning of product was first used by political economist ________[4]
Jeremy BenthamImmanuel KantDavid HumeAdam Smith

Question 4: The departments and product groupings that Sears uses are intended to help customers browse products by function or brand within a traditional ________ structure.
Department storeParisLondonMoscow

Question 5: In ________, products are the formal definition of the project deliverables that make up or contribute to delivering the objectives of the project.
Systems engineeringFunction modelRequirements analysisProject management

Question 6: In ________, products are purchased as raw materials and sold as finished goods.

Question 7:
In its online product catalog, retailer ________ divides its products into departments, then presents products to shoppers according to (1) function or (2) brand.
Sears Holdings CorporationSears Roebuck (Mexico)SearsKmart

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