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Question 1: ________ is another technique that helps keep procedures strongly modular.
Closure (computer science)Scope (programming)Variable (programming)Lisp (programming language)

Question 2: Procedural Languages at the ________
Jim BarksdaleTime WarnerLife (magazine)Open Directory Project

Question 3: Functional programming languages support (and heavily use) first-class functions, ________ and closures.
Fold (higher-order function)Filter (higher-order function)Map (higher-order function)Anonymous function

Question 4: In ________, a program is a set of premises, and computation is performed by attempting to prove candidate theorems.
Logic programmingFunctional programmingProgramming paradigmConcurrent computing

Question 5: The principles of modularity and code reuse in practical functional languages are fundamentally the same as in procedural languages, since they both stem from ________.
Structured programmingImperative programmingObject-oriented programmingProgramming paradigm

Question 6: Some examples of procedural programs are the Linux Kernel, GIT, ________, and Quake III Arena.
Apache AntApache StrutsApache HTTP ServerApache Harmony

Question 7: The focus of procedural programming is to break down a programming task into a collection of variables, data structures, and subroutines, whereas in ________ it is to break down a programming task into objects with each "object" encapsulating its own data and methods (subroutines).
Object-oriented programmingUnified Modeling LanguageProgramming paradigmSoftware development methodology

Question 8: Procedures, also known as routines, subroutines, methods, or functions (not to be confused with mathematical functions, but similar to those used in ________) simply contain a series of computational steps to be carried out.
Programming paradigmFunctional programmingImperative programmingDeclarative programming

Question 9: However, the backward reasoning technique, implemented by SLD resolution, used to solve problems in logic programming languages such as ________, treats programs as goal-reduction procedures.
Pascal (programming language)C Sharp (programming language)C++Prolog

Question 10: There do exist a few esoteric functional languages (like Unlambda) that eschew ________ precepts for the sake of being difficult to program in (and therefore challenging).
Structured programmingImperative programmingProgramming paradigmObject-oriented programming


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