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Problem of other minds: Quiz


Question 1: This is best appreciated by considering the examples of type physicalism and philosophical ________.
Evolutionary psychologyPsychologyWilliam JamesBehaviorism

Question 2: It remains possible, for example, that other people are actually nothing more than meaty automata (or "________" as the term for this example stands).
Chinese roomQualiaPhilosophical zombieMetaphysics

Question 3: However, we also know that some people are missing certain (or all of) types of cone cells in the eye; thus giving rise to ________ and other such visual variances.
AchromatopsiaMonochromacyColor blindnessRetinitis pigmentosa

Question 4: According to the type physicalist, to be in a certain type of mental state is just to be in a certain type of physical (________) state.
Sensory systemNervous systemDigestionBrain

Question 5: Perhaps the main argument offered against this possibility in the history of philosophy is the argument from analogy; it can be found in the works of J.S. Mill, ________, and Bertrand Russell.
P. F. StrawsonAlfred Jules AyerLudwig WittgensteinPaul Grice

Question 6: More recently, it has come to be appreciated that the epistemological issue is intimately related to metaphysical and ________ issues.
Gilbert RyleHenri BergsonConceptGottfried Leibniz

Question 7: The problem of other minds has traditionally been regarded as an ________ challenge raised by the skeptic.


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