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Question 1: Subjects' reactions were measured using fMRI, a neuro-imaging technique very similar to ________.
Positron emission tomographyMedical imagingMagnetic resonance imagingFunctional magnetic resonance imaging

Question 2: Deficiencies in ________ might also contribute to compulsive behavior, including a gambling addiction.

Question 3: It has been seen that some pathological gamblers have lower levels of ________ than normal gamblers.

Question 4: One form of counseling, ________ (CBT) has been shown to reduce symptoms and gambling-related urges.
Cognitive behavioral therapyImpulse (psychology)Thought suppressionEdna B. Foa

Question 5: However, these definitions are usually coupled with descriptions of the type of harm or the use of diagnostic criteria According to DSM-IV, Pathological gambling is now defined as separate from a ________.
Bipolar disorderManiaSchizoaffective disorderMajor depressive disorder

Question 6: The highest prevalence of problem gambling was found among those who participated in spread betting (14.7%), fixed odds betting terminals (11.2%) and ________ (9.8%).
Parimutuel bettingBetting exchangeBookmakerBetfair

Question 7: Pathological gambling is similar to many other impulse control disorders such as kleptomania, pyromania, and ________.
TrichotillomaniaTourette syndromeBody-focused repetitive behaviorMajor depressive disorder

Question 8: Growing up in such a situation leads to improper ________ development and increased risk of falling prey to problem gambling behavior.
PsychologyEvolutionary psychologyEmotionPositive psychology

Question 9: As debts build up people turn to other sources of money such as theft, or the sale of ________.
DrugPsychoactive drugPhencyclidineMDMA

Question 10: Other mental diseases that also exhibit impulse control disorder include such mental disorders as ________, or schizophrenia.
Passive–aggressive behaviorNarcissistic personality disorderAntisocial personality disorderBorderline personality disorder

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