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Probability theory: Quiz


Question 1: Kolmogorov combined the notion of sample space, introduced by ________, and measure theory and presented his axiom system for probability theory in 1933.
Richard von MisesStrasbourgGerman EmpireLudwig von Mises

Question 2: For example to study ________, probability is defined on a space of functions.
Random walkBrownian motionItō diffusionWiener process

Question 3: As a mathematical foundation for ________, probability theory is essential to many human activities that involve quantitative analysis of large sets of data.
StatisticsMathematical statisticsBayesian inferenceRegression analysis

Question 4: ________ published a book on the subject in 1657.
Gottfried LeibnizIsaac NewtonOpticsChristiaan Huygens

Question 5: A great discovery of twentieth century ________ was the probabilistic nature of physical phenomena at atomic scales, described in quantum mechanics.
UniversePhysicsTheoretical physicsParticle physics

Question 6: "The central limit theorem (CLT) is one of the great results of mathematics." (Chapter 18 in [4].) It explains the ubiquitous occurrence of the ________ in nature.
Normal distributionStudent's t-distributionProbability distributionGeneralized normal distribution

Question 7: Examples: Throwing dice, experiments with ________, and random walk.
Playing cardTrick-taking gameTarot, tarock and tarocchi gamesTarocchini

Question 8: Discrete probability theory deals with events that occur in ________ sample spaces.
Cardinal numberGeorg CantorSet (mathematics)Countable set

Question 9: Methods of probability theory also apply to descriptions of complex systems given only partial knowledge of their state, as in ________.
ThermodynamicsStatistical mechanicsEntropyMaxwell–Boltzmann statistics

Question 10: Two representative mathematical results describing such patterns are the law of large numbers and the ________.
Multivariate normal distributionCharacteristic function (probability theory)Central limit theoremNormal distribution

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