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Question 1: Voucher privatisation has mainly been used in the transition economies of Central and Eastern Europe, such as Russia, Poland, the ________, and Slovakia.
Czech RepublicHungarySloveniaCroatia

Question 2: The more necessary a good is, the lower the ________, as people will attempt to buy it no matter the price.
Cross elasticity of demandElasticity (economics)Supply and demandPrice elasticity of demand

Question 3: A state-owned firm does not have the necessary resources to specialise its goods and services as a result of the general products provided to the greatest number of people in the ________.
World populationPopulation growthPopulationOverpopulation

Question 4: Cochabamba protests of 2000 in Bolivia and protests in ________, Peru, in June 2002).
LimaCuscoArequipaTrujillo, Peru

Question 5: In sectors that are natural monopolies or public services, the results of privatisation are much more mixed, as a private ________ behaves much the same as a public one in liberal economic theory.
Anti-competitive practicesCompetition lawMonopolyBarriers to entry

Question 6: A democratically elected government is accountable to the people through a legislature, Congress or ________, and is motivated to safeguarding the assets of the nation.
ParliamentUnicameralismBicameralismParliamentary system

Question 7: The Prime Minister ________ wanted to privatise it because it was thought to be an inefficient and a source for corruption.
Taro AsoTsutomu HataJunichiro KoizumiInukai Tsuyoshi

Question 8: Corporations typically have far more resources for expert testimony, advertisements, conferences and other ________ efforts than anti-privatisation advocates.
Ad hominemPropagandaDisinformationIndoctrination

Question 9: A democratically elected government is accountable to the people through a ________, and can intervene when civil liberties are threatened.
Parliamentary systemParliamentUnicameralismBicameralism

Question 10: The type of industries to which this generally applies include ________ and retailing.


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