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Question 1: "Making a Killing: The Business of War", ________, October 2002.
Center for Public IntegrityBill Moyers60 MinutesCBS News

Question 2: Other companies from different countries, including ________, have also signed contracts with the Colombian Defense Ministry to carry out security or military activities.
IsraelGreeceArmeniaUnited States

Question 3: In 1999, an incident involving ________ in Bosnia was followed by a Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO) lawsuit being filed against DynCorp employees stationed in Bosnia.
Computer Sciences CorporationBlackwater WorldwideDynCorp InternationalPrivate military company

Question 4: Secretary of Defense ________ held a lecture dubbed "The Future of Iraq" at Johns Hopkins Paul H. Nitze School of Advanced International Studies.
George H. W. BushDick CheneyGeorge W. BushDonald Rumsfeld

Question 5: military bases throughout the ________, from operating mess halls to providing security.
Caspian SeaAtlantic OceanPersian GulfIndian Ocean

Question 6: Private military companies supply bodyguards for the Afghan president ________ and pilot armed reconnaissance planes and helicopter gunships as part of Plan Colombia.
KabulKarzai administrationHamid KarzaiAfghanistan

Question 7: In the first conflict, EO fought on the behalf of the Angolan government against ________ after a UN brokered peace settlement broke down.
Second Congo WarJonas SavimbiUNITAAngolan Civil War

Question 8: In mid-May 2006, police in the ________ arrested 32 alleged mercenaries of different nationalities; 19 South Africans, 10 Nigerians and three Americans.
GabonCentral African RepublicRwandaDemocratic Republic of the Congo

Question 9: firms that provide services for ________ and indirectly assist in overseas theaters of operation.
The PentagonUnited States Marine CorpsUnited States Military AcademyUnited States Navy

Question 10: Some view this as an inevitable cost cutting measure and responsible ________ of critical aspects of a military.
DeregulationPrivatizationPrivate finance initiativeCapitalism

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