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Question 1: It is distinguished from public law, which deals with law involving the state, including regulatory statutes, penal law and other law of ________.
Juvenile delinquencyWhite-collar crimePublic order crimeCorporate crime

Question 2: That is, relationships between governments and individuals based on the law of ________ or torts are governed by private law, and are not considered to be within the scope of public law.
Delegation (law)ShariaDuressContract

Question 3: Private law (Civil law) is that part of a ________ that involves relationships between individuals.
Law of OceaniaLaw of North AmericaLegal systems of the worldLaw of Europe

Question 4: This includes the law of ________ or torts and the law of obligations.
ShariaDuressDelegation (law)Contract

Question 5: The concept of private law in ________ countries is a little more broad, in that it also encompasses private relationships between governments and private individuals or other entities.
ShariaReception statuteCivil law (legal system)Common law

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