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Question 1: As discussed, most private equity funds are structured as ________ and are governed by the terms set forth in the limited partnership agreement or LPA.
BusinessGeneral partnershipLimited partnershipLimited liability company

Question 2: Typically, a single ________ will manage a series of distinct private equity funds and will attempt to raise a new fund every 3 to 5 years as the previous fund is fully invested.
Private equity secondary marketPublicly traded private equityLeveraged buyoutPrivate equity firm

Question 3: By their nature, investments in privately held companies tend to be riskier than investments in ________ companies.
Government-owned corporationGovernment agencyStatutory corporationPublic company

Question 4: The risk of loss of capital is typically higher in ________ funds, which invest in companies during the earliest phases of their development or in companies with high amounts of financial leverage.
Institutional investorPrivate equityPrivate equity secondary marketVenture capital

Question 5: ________
Taxation of private equity and hedge fundsCarried interestPrivate equity fundLimited partnership

Question 6: ________
History of private equity and venture capitalCorporate raidEarly history of private equityLeveraged buyout

Question 7: The following is an illustration of the difference between a private equity fund and a ________:
Private equity secondary marketPublicly traded private equityPrivate equity firmLeveraged buyout

Question 8: ________ for a list of the largest active private equity investment firms.
CVC Capital PartnersList of private equity firmsAlpInvest PartnersCCMP Capital

Question 9: A private equity fund is raised and managed by investment professionals of a specific ________ (the general partner and investment advisor).
Private equity secondary marketLeveraged buyoutPublicly traded private equityPrivate equity firm

Question 10: Private equity funds are typically ________ with a fixed term of 10 years (often with annual extensions).
Limited partnershipBusinessLimited liability companyGeneral partnership


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