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Question 1: Sapper (SPR) - ________;
Royal Australian Army Ordnance CorpsRoyal Australian Armoured CorpsRoyal Australian Army Nursing CorpsRoyal Australian Engineers

Question 2: Private (Pte) (Saighdiúr Singil in Irish), is the lowest enlisted rank in the ________.
Irish Civil WarProvisional Irish Republican ArmyIrish Republican Army (1922–1969)Irish Army

Question 3: In modern military parlance, 'Private' is shortened to 'Pte' in the ________ and other Commonwealth countries and to 'Pvt.' in the United States.
WalesUnited KingdomCanadaEngland

Question 4: Many regiments and ________ use other distinctive and descriptive names instead of Private, some of these ranks have been used for centuries, others are less than 100 years old.
Company (military unit)CorpsDivision (military)Fireteam

Question 5: Trooper (TPR) - Royal Australian Armoured Corps, ________ and the Australian Special Air Service Regiment
Royal Australian Air ForceRoyal Australian Electrical and Mechanical EngineersAustralian Defence ForceAustralian Army Aviation

Question 6: In the ________ there are three levels of Private: Private (Recruit), Private (Basic), and Private (Trained).
Land Force Western AreaLand Force Central AreaCadet Instructors CadreCanadian Forces

Question 7: Bugler (Bgr) - Buglers in ________ and formerly also in other Rifle regiments
British ArmyThe RiflesRoyal Irish Regiment (1992)Guards Division

Question 8: Signalman (SIG) - ________
Australian Army Intelligence CorpsRoyal Australian Corps of SignalsRoyal Australian Army Educational CorpsRoyal Australian Engineers

Question 9: The name originated during ________ and remains in current usage today.
Caucasus CampaignWestern Front (World War I)Armenian GenocideWorld War I

Question 10: The rank of Schütze has existed as a military rank since at least the 18th century and the term has been used since the ________.
Late Middle AgesHigh Middle AgesMiddle AgesEarly Middle Ages

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