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Priscilla Presley: Quiz


Question 1:
When is Priscilla Presley's birthday?

Question 2:
What role did Priscilla Presley play in the movie Hayley Wagner, Star?
Sue Wagner
Hayley Wagner
Jenna Jakes
Caitlin Curren

Question 3:
Who is Priscilla Presley's spouse?
Steve Presley
Brian Presley, 1 child
Elvis Presley
Erin Hershey Presley, 1 child

Question 4:
Priscilla Presley, Roman Abramovich and Newt Gingrich are all:
American actors of Norwegian descent American expatriates in Germany American Scientologists Adoptees adopted by relations

Question 5: Priscilla's only other feature film has been the poorly received ________, in 1990.
Battlefield Earth (film)Golden Raspberry Award for Worst ScreenplayHoward the Duck (film)The Adventures of Ford Fairlane

Question 6:
What was Priscilla Presley's birth name?
Alessandro Troncon
Priscilla Ann Wagner
Michael Herbert Schur

Question 7:
Priscilla Presley, Elvis Presley and Lisa Marie Presley are all:
American people of Scotch-Irish descent Elvis Presley Dancing with the Stars (US TV series) participants American television personalities

Question 8:
Priscilla Presley, David Hasselhoff and Demi Moore are all:
American soap opera actors Elvis Presley Adoptees adopted by relations American people of Scotch-Irish descent

Question 9:
What is Priscilla Presley also known as?
Fabares, Michele Ann Marie
Wagner, Priscilla Ann
d'Armont, Marie Anne Charlotte de Corday
Smith, Julie Anne

Question 10:
How is Priscilla Presley described?
german-turkish writer and journalist
American physicist
model, author and actress
Chief of British Naval Intelligence for the Mediterranean, 1913-1919

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