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Question 1: The ________ expressed this view in Nebraska Press Assn. v. Stuart by noting:
United States courts of appealsSupreme Court of the United StatesUnited States CongressUnited States Constitution

Question 2: The movie rating system currently in effect in the United States, run by the ________ (MPAA) is another such industry code.
Motion Picture Association of AmericaTrade group efforts against file sharingThe Pirate Bay raidFile sharing

Question 3: There is a long history of prior restraints on the theater; and, in the ________, plays still required a license until well into the twentieth century.
WalesUnited KingdomCanadaEngland

Question 4: In ________’s Commentaries “Freedom of the Press” is defined as the right to be free from prior restraints.
William BlackstoneLearned HandOliver Wendell Holmes, Jr.Natural law

Question 5: Examples of these include the Hays Code, which affected Hollywood films from the 1930s to the 1950s, and the ________, which was designed to deal with the rise of horror comics in the 1950s and lasted into the 1970s.
DC ComicsEC ComicsAtlas Comics (1950s)Comics Code Authority

Question 6: The first notable case in which the United States Supreme Court ruled on a prior restraint issue was ________, 283 U.S. 697 (1931).
Charles Evans HughesNear v. MinnesotaHarlan F. StoneFirst Amendment to the United States Constitution

Question 7: Both the state of ________ and the province of Ontario retained film censor boards to a particularly late date.

Question 8: This was particularly true during the Vietnam War and the invasion of ________.
JamaicaBarbadosGrenadaAntigua and Barbuda

Question 9: This view was the common legal understanding at the time the ________ was adopted.
United StatesUnited States CongressElectoral College (United States)United States Constitution

Question 10: Prior restraint is a legal term related to ________ referring to government actions that prevent communications from reaching the public.
Censorship in CanadaCensorship in the United StatesMotion Picture Production CodeCensorship in Cuba

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