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Printed circuit board: Quiz


Question 1: Predating the printed circuit invention, and similar in spirit, was John Sargrove's 1936-1947 Electronic Circuit Making Equipment (ECME) which srayed metal onto a ________ plastic board.
United KingdomBakeliteBelgiumSpain

Question 2: The photomask is usually prepared with a photoplotter from data produced by a technician using CAM, or ________ software.
Numerical controlComputer-aided manufacturingComputer-aided engineeringDirect numerical control

Question 3: Danko of the ________ developed the Auto-Sembly process in which component leads were inserted into a copper foil interconnection pattern and dip soldered.
Signal Corps (United States Army)Chaplain Corps (United States Army)Officer Candidate School (U.S. Army)United States Army Reserve

Question 4: In ________ construction, the components are placed on pads or lands on the outer surfaces of the PCB.
Chip carrierIntegrated circuitSurface-mount technologyPrinted circuit board

Question 5: Around ________ the USA began to use the technology on a large scale to make rugged radios for use in World War II.

Question 6: This is especially true on non-traditional PCBs such as MCMs and ________ PCBs.
Radio wavesMicrowaveKu bandX-ray

Question 7: Determine the fixed components and ________ if required.
Passive fire protectionHeat sinkFire testComputer cooling

Question 8: Before the advent of integrated circuits, this method allowed the highest possible component packing density; because of this, it was used by a number of computer vendors including ________.
SupercomputerSeymour CrayControl Data CorporationUNIVAC

Question 9: by 0.01 in.)[7] by hand under a ________, using tweezers and a fine tip soldering iron for small volume prototypes.
Agar plateEudiometerCuvetteMicroscope

Question 10: gEDA, ________ PCB software project
Free softwareOpen sourceOpen-source softwareLinux


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