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Principle of faunal succession: Quiz


Question 1: In practice, the most useful diagnostic species are those with the fastest rate of species turnover and the widest distribution; their study is termed biostratigraphy, the science of dating rocks by using the ________ contained within them.
GeologyPaleontologyFossilGeologic time scale

Question 2: For instance, paleontologists investigating the evolution of ________ predicted that feathers would first be seen in primitive forms on flightless predecessor organisms such as feathered dinosaurs.
BirdEnantiornithesModern birdsArchaeopteryx

Question 3: A fossilized Neanderthal bone will never be found in the same stratum as a fossilized ________, for example, because neanderthals and megalosauruses lived during different geological periods, separated by many millions of years.

Question 4: Archaic biological features and organisms are succeeded in the ________ by more modern versions.
PaleontologyGeologic time scaleGeologyFossil

Question 5: [1] The fossil content of rocks together with the ________ helps to determine the time sequence in which sedimentary rocks were laid down.
Law of superpositionGeochronologyGeologic time scaleGlobal Boundary Stratotype Section and Point


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