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Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory: Quiz


Question 1: [4] Beginning in 1993, TFTR was the first in the world to use 50/50 mixtures of ________-tritium.

Question 2: ________ (ITER)
Fusion powerDEMOITERNuclear fusion

Question 3: Inspired by the fascinating but erroneous claims of controlled fusion achieved in ________ by Ronald Richter, Spitzer was stimulated enough by the news to give further thought to fusion.
ChileBrazilArgentinaBuenos Aires

Question 4: It grew out of the top secret ________ project to control thermonuclear reactions, called Project Matterhorn.
Vietnam WarCold WarJoseph StalinCentral Intelligence Agency

Question 5: Lyman Spitzer, Jr., a professor of Astronomy at ________, had for many years been involved in the study of very hot rarefied gases in interstellar space.
Princeton UniversityRutgers UniversityPrinceton TigersHarvard University

Question 6: In the 1970s research at the PPPL refocused on the Russian ________ design when it became evident that it was a more satisfactory containment design than the stellarator.
ITERTokamakFusion powerNuclear fusion


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