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Question 1: He used his position and his money to provide passports for Jews and help them to escape to ________.
AmsterdamEighty Years' WarNetherlandsHolland

Question 2: Born on 22 April 1872 in the ________'s New Palace in Potsdam, by the time the infant was christened, her head was covered with short hair like moss, from which she acquired her nickname "Mossy".
Hohenzollern-SigmaringenHouse of HabsburgHouse of BourbonHouse of Hohenzollern

Question 3: [8] Due to his close relations with the King of Italy, Philipp was appointed in 1939 to Hitler's personal staff, since he could be a useful channel of communications between Nazi Germany and ________ Italy.
TotalitarianismFascismItalian FascismNazism

Question 4: In 1918, Margaret's husband accepted the offer of the throne of newly-independent ________, but due to German misfortunes in World War I, soon renounced it.

Question 5: ________ (1896–1980), married to Princess Mafalda of Savoy, had issue
Prince Frederick Charles of HessePrince Wolfgang of HessePhilipp, Landgrave of HessePrincess Margaret of Prussia

Question 6: This disparity came to an end in 1925 when Frederick Charles became Landgrave of ________ and Head of the house of Hesse-Kassel.
HesseFrankfurt am MainWiesbadenGermany

Question 7: [2] She was a first cousin of both King ________ and Empress Alexandra of Russia, all grandchildren of Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom.
George VI of the United KingdomEdward VII of the United KingdomEdward VIII of the United KingdomGeorge V of the United Kingdom

Question 8: Princess Margaret's oldest son, Friedrich Wilhelm died on 12 September 1916 at Kara Orman in ________.

Question 9: [3] They were married on 25 January 1893 at the Hohenzollern Stadtschloss in ________ on the anniversary of her parents' wedding.

Question 10: Margaret's elder sons, Friedrich Wilhelm and Maximilian, were killed in action during ________.
Armenian GenocideCaucasus CampaignWestern Front (World War I)World War I


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