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Question 1: His mother Jevrosima (Јевросима) is sister of Momchil ________, although Marko and his brother Andrеja (Андреја, sometimes known as Andrijaš) both exist in the historical chronicles of King Vukašin.
SerbiaUkrainian languageVoivodeRomania

Question 2: By some legends even in death he only sleeps, waiting in a cave until he is needed again, a typical ________ motif.
PragueKing in the mountainHungaryUnited States

Question 3: In 1848 Jovan Sterija Popović wrote the ________ San Marka Kraljevića (The Dream of Prince Marko) which has the legend of sleeping Marko as its central motif.
David HumeTragedyAestheticsFriedrich Nietzsche

Question 4: Folklore came to remember him as a respected protector and savior of the ________ during the period of early Ottoman Turkish occupation of Macedonian region.
ChristianityChristianCatholic ChurchJesus

Question 5: Marko was married to Jelena, daughter of Hlapen, Serbian lord of ________ and Edessa in northern Greece.

Question 6: After this loses Marko ruled as Ottoman vassal in the area corresponding roughly to the western half of the present-day the adjacent areas of Kastoria and Florina in present-day Greece, and the area of Korçë in ________.
SerbiaBosnia and HerzegovinaCroatiaAlbania

Question 7: In 2006 Boris Starešina wrote the book Marko Kraljević — Natprirodni ciklus (Prince Marko — Supernatural Cycle) which ________ Serbian epic poems.

Question 8: Marko is venerated as a national hero by the the Serbs and ________ and he is also the protagonist of many epic poems.
BulgariansBulgarian Orthodox ChurchBulgarian literatureFirst Bulgarian Empire

Question 9: In Starešina's poems Marko fights aliens, samurais, canibals, ________'s great-great-grandfather and other enemies.
Superboy (Kon-El)SupermanDarkseidSupergirl (Kara Zor-El)

Question 10: According to the Bulgarian philologist ________, Krali Marko songs in Macedonia and especially in Serbia, the so called Bugarstici[5] are a result from Bulgarian musical influence over the Serbian folk music.
Macedonians (ethnic group)Macedonian culture (ethnic group)Georgi PulevskiKrste Misirkov


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