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Question 1: With the overthrow of ________, Duke of Saxony, the last obstacle in the way of the complete sovereignty of the bishops was removed, and Hermann appears as a great feudatory of the empire.
Albert the BearLothair III, Holy Roman EmperorFrederick I, Holy Roman EmperorHenry the Lion

Question 2: He attacked the ________ both in the Third Anglo-Dutch War and in the Franco-Dutch War.
Dutch RepublicBatavian RepublicSouthern NetherlandsEighty Years' War

Question 3: The Bishopric of Münster was an ecclesiastical principality in the ________, located in the northern part of today's North Rhine-Westphalia and western Lower Saxony.
FranciaGerman EmpireByzantine EmpireHoly Roman Empire

Question 4: In ________ the bishopric, with ca 310 000 inhabitants was secularized by the Reichsdeputationshauptschluss and broken up into numerous parts.

Question 5: He was also Elector of Cologne, and ________, Hildesheim, and Osnabrück.
Prince-Bishopric of PaderbornCounty of BentheimWarburgPrince-Bishopric of Münster

Question 6: He zealously undertook the Counter-Reformation, invited the ________ to aid him, and encouraged the founding of monasteries of the old orders, although he could not repair all the losses.
Dominican OrderSociety of JesusConventual FranciscansCongregation of the Most Holy Redeemer

Question 7: In ________ Prussia was given the southern part (Oberstift) and the Kingdom of Hanover most of the north (Niederstift), with Oldenburg keeping its acquisitions.
1815March 4February 6January 8

Question 8: According to the latter Prince-Bishop Ferdinand II, Baron of Fürstenberg granted ________ a loan amounting to 100,000 rixdollars in return for the renewed pledge.

Question 9: He was obliged, indeed, for the sake of his endangered authority, to proceed against the ________ in the city of Münster; but he did little for the restoration of the Faith, and at last joined the Smalkaldic League.
ChristianityChristian denominationProtestant ReformationAnabaptist

Question 10: Hermann II, like his immediate predecessors, Frederick II, Count of Are (1152–68), and Ludwig I, was a partisan of ________.
Henry IV, Holy Roman EmperorHenry VI, Holy Roman EmperorFrederick II, Holy Roman EmperorFrederick I, Holy Roman Emperor


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