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Primitive equations: Quiz


Question 1: and the thermodynamic energy equation, a consequence of the ________
EntropyLaws of thermodynamicsConservation of energyFirst law of thermodynamics

Question 2: J is the ________ flow per unit time per unit mass
Internal energyTemperatureHeatEnergy

Question 3: ________ that cause atmospheric motion include the pressure gradient force, gravity, and viscous friction.
Classical mechanicsEnergyPhysicsForce

Question 4: As a result, a numerical solution which takes these factors into account is often calculated using general circulation models and ________.
Global climate modelGlobal warmingClimate modelGlobal warming controversy

Question 5: The solution represents atmospheric waves and ________.
Current sea level risePhysical oceanographyTidal powerTide

Question 6: The primitive equations may be linearized to yield Laplace's tidal equations, an ________ problem from which the analytical solution to the latitudinal structure of the flow may be determined.
Eigenvalue, eigenvector and eigenspaceVector spaceLinear algebraMatrix (mathematics)


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