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Primitive: Quiz


Question 1: Primitive Church, another name for ________
East–West SchismBiblical canonCrusadesEarly Christianity

Question 2: ________, uncorrupted by the influences of civilization
RomanticismJean-Jacques RousseauNoble savageDeism

Question 3: ________, a datatype provided by a programming language
String (computer science)First-class functionPrimitive data typeArbitrary-precision arithmetic

Question 4: ________, a religious movement seeking to retain or restore early Christian practices
Separate BaptistsPrimitive BaptistFree Will BaptistAmerican Baptist Association

Question 5: ________, an early 20th century art movement
PrimitivismArt NouveauExpressionismCubism

Question 6: ________, an anarchist critique of the origins and progress of civilization
John ZerzanIndividualist anarchismGreen anarchismAnarcho-primitivism


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