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Prime Minister of the Philippines: Quiz


Question 1: This republic however was not recognized by the United States, which later received the Philippines from ________.

Question 2:      ________      Kilusang Bagong Lipunan      United Nationalists Democratic Organizations
KatipunanPhilippine RevolutionJosé RizalAndrés Bonifacio

Question 3: ________, 1st Prime Minister
Emilio AguinaldoApolinario MabiniKatipunanAndrés Bonifacio

Question 4: In 1978, the position returned when ________ became Prime Minister.
Imelda MarcosFirst Quarter StormImee MarcosFerdinand Marcos

Question 5: In 1986, ________ became President, and she appointed Salvador Laurel to succeed Virata.
Gloria Macapagal-ArroyoCorazon AquinoBenigno Aquino, Jr.People Power Revolution

Question 6: Today, the head of the government is the ________, who also serves as head of state.
Politics of the PhilippinesPresident of the PhilippinesForeign relations of the PhilippinesSenate of the Philippines

Question 7: The Prime Minister of the Philippines (Tagalog: Punong Ministro ng Pilipinas) was the official position of the head of the government (whereas the President of the Philippines was the head of state) of the ________.
Papua New GuineaEast TimorUnited StatesPhilippines

Question 8: This position existed and served under then President of the Republic ________.
Philippine–American WarMariano TríasAndrés BonifacioEmilio Aguinaldo

Question 9: In 1899, the position of President of the Council of Government (Spanish: Presidente del Consejo de Gobierno) existed which today would be equivalent to a ________ or Premier.
Angela MerkelPrime ministerSilvio BerlusconiGordon Brown


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