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Question 1: The Prime Minister is the head of the Cabinet and appoints and dismisses the ________.
Saxe-MeiningenMinister of StateSaxe-AltenburgFrance

Question 2:
When was Prime Minister of Japan formed?

Question 3: After his return to Japan, Ito urged the need of a ________ and a modern governmental system and persuaded conservatives to approve his plan.
United KingdomLawDemocracyConstitution

Question 4: In 1882, Ito and his staff, Ito Miyoji and Saionji Kinmochi, traveled to Europe and investigated constitutions in constitutional monarchies, the ________ and the German Empire.
BarbadosInformal EmpireBritish EmpireNauru

Question 5: Must be a "civilian." This excludes members of the Japan Self-Defense Forces, as well as any former member of the ________ and Imperial Japanese Navy who is strongly connected to militarist thought.
Shōwa periodImperial Japanese ArmyMeiji periodImperial General Headquarters

Question 6: After the ________, the Daijō-kan system, which was used in the Nara period, was adopted as the Japanese government entity.
Meiji periodEdo periodMeiji RestorationBakumatsu

Question 7: The Prime Minister is appointed by the ________ after being designated by the Diet from among its members, and must enjoy the confidence of the House of Representatives to remain in office.
Emperor MeijiAkihitoHirohitoEmperor of Japan

Question 8: ________ has been prime minister since 16 September 2009.
Shinzō AbeTaro AsoJunichiro KoizumiYukio Hatoyama

Question 9: The office was created in 1885, four years before the enactment of the ________.
Meiji ConstitutionMeiji periodImperial Japanese ArmyKokutai

Question 10: Commander in chief of the ________.
Indian Armed ForcesPeople's Liberation ArmyKorean People's ArmyJapan Self-Defense Forces


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