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Question 1: In England, the Archbishop of Canterbury is known as the "Primate of All England" while the ________ is "Primate of England" (see also Primacy of Canterbury).
Bishop of LincolnChurch of EnglandArchbishop of YorkBishop of Worcester

Question 2: In the modern confederation of the ________, all the Black Monks of St.
Christian monasticismOrder of Saint BenedictCatholic religious orderCatholic Church

Question 3: Netherlands________ (sole Metropolitan; formerly Prince-bishop while still suffragan)
Roman Catholic Archdiocese of UtrechtRoman Catholic Diocese of Groningen-LeeuwardenBishopric of UtrechtOld Catholic Church of the Netherlands

Question 4: Primates are generally chosen by election (either by a ________ consisting of laity, clergy and bishops, or by a House of Bishops).
AnglicanismChristianityCatholic ChurchSynod

Question 5: the bishops who were not electors (for the eastern colonisation); the title of Magdeburg was in 1648 transferred to the ________ (Austria) who has hold this title ("primate of Germany") ever since
BavariaRegensburgArchbishopric of SalzburgHistory of Bavaria

Question 6: the Archbishop of Salerno, in the historical ________ as "Primate of Servia"
Kingdom of SicilyKingdom of NaplesNapoleonic WarsCharles III of Spain

Question 7: At the ________, the only (arch)bishops figuring as primates, in virtue of then recent concessions, were these (by country)[1] :
First Vatican CouncilCatholic ChurchEcumenical councilSecond Vatican Council

Question 8: ________ — primatial authority is vested in the most senior Cardinal / Archbishop in Australia, typically the Archbishop of Sydney
AustraliaBarbadosCanadaUnited Kingdom

Question 9: In ________ both the Anglican and Catholic Archbishops of Armagh are titled "Primate of All Ireland"; while both the Anglican and Catholic Archbishops of Dublin are titled "Primate of Ireland".
WalesIrish peopleNorthern IrelandIreland

Question 10: In the Church of England, the Primate, like all bishops, is appointed by the British Sovereign, in his or her capacity as Supreme Governor of the ________, on the advice of the Crown Appointments Commission.
ChristianityReligionState religionReligions by country


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