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Question 1: Most primate species live in ________.
Amazon RainforestPlantRainforestTropical rainforest

Question 2: Apes and monkeys spread from Africa into Europe and Asia starting in the ________.
PlioceneGeologic time scaleMioceneLanghian

Question 3:
What phylum does Primate belong to?

Question 4: Recent molecular genetic research on primates, ________, and treeshrews has shown that the two species of colugos are more closely related to the primates than the treeshrews,[5] even though the treeshrews were at one time considered primates.

Question 5:
What classis does Primate belong to?

Question 6: differentiation of an enlarged ________;[42]
Grey matterCerebrumCerebral cortexHuman brain

Question 7: This social structure can also be observed in the Hamadryas Baboon,[71] spider monkeys[55] and the ________.
HumanCommon ChimpanzeeBonoboChimpanzee

Question 8: Fish, reptiles and birds are therefore trichromatic or tetrachromatic while all mammals, with the exception of some primates and ________,[51] are dichromats or monochromats (totally color blind).

Question 9: These include many bushbabies, all indriids (i.e., sifakas, avahis and ________), sportive lemurs, and all tarsiers.
IndriCoquerel's SifakaDiademed SifakaMilne-Edwards' Sifaka

Question 10: Primates evolved from ________ animals, and many species live most of their lives in trees.
BrachiationGaitColugoArboreal locomotion

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