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Question 1: Other primary structures of proteins were proposed by various researchers, such as the diketopiperazine model of ________ and the pyrrol/piperidine model of Troensegaard in 1942.
SwitzerlandEmil AbderhaldenAntibodyNazism

Question 2: ________ faced similar prejudices in the 1920s when he argued that rubber was composed of macromolecules.
Linus PaulingFrederick SangerHermann StaudingerGlenn T. Seaborg

Question 3: Most of the polypeptide modifications listed above occur post-translationally, i.e., after the protein has been synthesized on the ribosome, typically occurring in the ________, a subcellular organelle of the eukaryotic cell.
Endomembrane systemEndoplasmic reticulumCell (biology)Golgi apparatus

Question 4: However, proteins can become cross-linked, most commonly by disulfide bonds, and the primary structure also requires specifying the cross-linking atoms, e.g., specifying the ________ involved in the protein's disulfide bonds.
Glutamic acidSerineMethionineCysteine

Question 5: Somewhat unusually, this modification occurs in the ________, not in the endoplasmic reticulum.
LysosomeCell nucleusGolgi apparatusCell (biology)

Question 6: Sequence families are often determined by sequence clustering, and ________ projects aim to produce a set of representative structures to cover the sequence space of possible non-redundant sequences.
ProteomicsBioinformaticsStructural genomicsGenome project

Question 7: Other biological polymers such as ________ can also be considered to have a primary structure, although the usage is not standard.

Question 8: The hydrophobic isoprene (e.g., farnesyl, geranyl, and geranylgeranyl groups) and palmitoyl groups may be added to the Sγ atom of cysteine residues to anchor proteins to ________.
Cell membraneCell (biology)Cell nucleusVesicle (biology)

Question 9: Finally, the protein can undergo a variety of ________, which are briefly summarized here.
Amino acidProtein biosynthesisPhosphorylationPosttranslational modification

Question 10: In ________, the primary structure of a biological molecule is the exact specification of its atomic composition and the chemical bonds connecting those atoms (including stereochemistry).
MetabolismAmino acidBiochemistryProtein


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