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Primary sensory areas: Quiz


Question 1: ________: The primary gustatory area is near the face representation within the postcentral gyrus.
SenseOlfactionTasteGustatory system

Question 2: It starts at about the most lateral point on the gyrus and continues into the insular cortex where the postcentral gyrus folds over the operculum (________: eyelid or lid) of the gyrus at the lateral sulcus.
Roman EmpireLatinOld LatinVulgar Latin

Question 3: ________: Olfactory cortex located in the uncus which is found along the ventral surface of the temporal lobe.
OlfactionOlfactory receptorOlfactory systemSensory system

Question 4: Vision: The visual area known as V1, striate cortex, or (________, Brodmann area 17) is located on the calcarine sulcus deep within the inside folds of the occipital lobe.
Dorsomedial areaCuneusVisual cortexFrontal eye fields

Question 5: Hearing: The ________ is located on the transverse gyri that lie on the back of the superior temporal convolution of the temporal lobes.
Grey matterPrimary auditory cortexHuman brainProsencephalon


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