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Question 1: In ________ kids go to the primary school (grundskola) through the ages of 7 and 16.

Question 2: In Ireland children aged between 4-5 years begin attending primary school with Junior ________.
Attachment theoryInfantPregnancyPrenatal development

Question 3: A primary school (from French école primaire[1]) is an institution in which children receive the first stage of ________ known as primary or elementary education.
Right to educationPropertyCompulsory educationHuman rights

Question 4: Primary school is the preferred term in the United Kingdom and many Commonwealth Nations, and in most publications of the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (________).
UNICEFUnited Nations High Commissioner for RefugeesSpecial Court for Sierra LeoneUNESCO

Question 5: After primary school students may attend a Hauptschule, a Realschule, a Gymnasium, a Intermediate School or a ________.
Public school (government funded)Secondary educationComprehensive schoolGymnasium (school)

Question 6: Under the ________ initiative, Uruguay becomes the first country to deliver a free laptop to each child of primary school age.
Papua New GuineaPhilippinesOLPC XO-1One Laptop per Child

Question 7: Depending on ________ primary schools provide Education from Class 1 to Class 4 or from Class 1 to Class 6.
Bundesrat of GermanyStates of AustriaCantons of SwitzerlandStates of Germany

Question 8: Very few schools in the US actually use the term primary school as part of their school name and such schools are generally ________, serving very young children.
Private schoolIndependent schoolSecondary educationPublic school (privately funded)

Question 9: [2] In some countries, and especially in ________, the term elementary school is preferred.
AmericasNorth AmericaAmericas (terminology)South America


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