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Primary color: Quiz


Question 1: For human applications, three primary colors are usually used, since human ________ is trichromatic.
Visible spectrumColor blindnessRGB color modelColor vision

Question 2: [14] It predates modern scientific ________.
Color theoryPrimary colorRGB color modelColor wheel

Question 3: No real display device uses such primaries, as the extreme wavelengths used for violet and red result in a very low ________.
LightLuminous intensityLuminous efficacyCandela

Question 4: Additive colors: ________          Navy | Lime          Green | Red          Maroon — Subtractive colors: Cyan          Teal | Magenta or Fuchsia          Purple | Yellow          Olive
IndigoOrange (colour)Violet (color)Blue

Question 5: Any choice of primary colors is essentially arbitrary; for example, an early color photographic process, autochrome, typically used orange, ________, and violet primaries.
YellowOrange (colour)BlueGreen

Question 6: Mixing nominally equal proportions of the additive primaries results in shades of grey or white; the ________ that is generated is called an RGB color space.
Color spaceRGB color modelColor modelHSL and HSV

Question 7: Many ________ and marsupials are tetrachromats, and it has been suggested that some human females are tetrachromats as well[7][8], having an extra variant version of the long-wave (L) cone type.
Modern birdsEnantiornithesArchaeopteryxBird

Question 8: The resulting model is the so-called ________.
RGB color modelHSL and HSVCMYK color modelColor space

Question 9: [2] See RGB color model, ________, and RYB color model for more on these popular sets of primary colors.
CMYK color modelHSL and HSVCIE 1931 color spaceColor space

Question 10: Television and other computer and video displays are a common example of the use of additive primaries and the ________.
Digital photographyDigital cameraRGB color modelColor photography


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