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Primary biliary cirrhosis: Quiz


Question 1: Stage 2 - Periportal Stage: Enlarged triads; periportal fibrosis and/or ________.
Leukocyte extravasationVasculitisInflammationMeningitis

Question 2: Inflammation of the bile ducts, characterized by intraepithelial ________, and
LymphocyteAdaptive immune systemImmune systemThymocyte

Question 3: Xanthoma (local collections of ________ in the skin, especially around the eyes (Xanthelasma))
Trans fatCholesterolLow-density lipoproteinAtherosclerosis

Question 4: In advanced cases, a ________, if successful, results in a favourable prognosis.
Liver transplantationPancreas transplantationICD-9-CM Volume 3Surgery

Question 5: Association with an extrahepatic autoimmune disorder such as ________ or Sjögren's syndrome (up to 80% incidence).
Rheumatoid arthritisCoeliac diseaseSystemic lupus erythematosusReactive arthritis

Question 6: Deranged liver function tests (high ________, elevated AST, ALT)
Reference ranges for blood testsAlkaline phosphataseAspartate transaminasePhospholipase A2

Question 7: As in all liver diseases, ________ are contraindicated.
EthanolBeerAlcoholic beverageWine

Question 8: ________ (yellowing of the eyes and skin), due to increased bilirubin in the blood.

Question 9: Abdominal ultrasound or a ________ is usually performed to rule out blockage to the bile ducts.
Magnetic resonance imagingMedical radiographyX-ray computed tomographyCT pulmonary angiogram

Question 10: Previously most suspected sufferers underwent a ________, and - if uncertainty remained - endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography (ERCP, an endoscopic investigation of the bile duct).
CancerColorectal cancerLiver biopsyHepatitis C


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