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Priestly source: Quiz


Question 1: The set of duties for the ________ families (Numbers 3:5-10 ? )

Question 2: P is considered by the ________ to have been written at a time after the fall of the northern kingdom.
Documentary hypothesisBibleHigher criticismBiblical criticism

Question 3: Stories that imply places other than Jerusalem can be religious are also cut, such as that of the Nehushtan, of ________, and of Galead.
Arad, IsraelAshkelonBeershebaAshdod

Question 4: [1] It describes conditions during and after the ________, c 550-400 BCE and hence is thought to have been incorporated into the Torah c 400 BCE.
Nevi'imIsraelitesBabylonian captivityHasmonean

Question 5: P emphasizes the position of the priesthood and particularly of ________, and always presents Aaron as being present when Moses does something on God's behalf.
Enoch (Biblical figure)AaronIsaacAbraham

Question 6: Hezekiah destroyed the high places (religious centres outside Jerusalem), and eliminated all religious symbols outside the Temple (including the ________).
MosesSerpent (symbolism)NehushtanCanaan

Question 7: The creation of brass broadplates for the altar, from misused ________ (Numbers 16:16-17, and 16:36-40)
CenserThuribleOrthodox ChurchGospel (liturgy)

Question 8: A few stories are believed to be created entirely by P, such as that of the cave of Machpelah, to assert Aaronid claims (in the case of ________, in order to justifying the importance of the Aaronid city of Hebron, in which the cave was situated).
An-Nasr MosqueCave of the PatriarchsGreat Mosque of GazaAl-Aqsa Mosque

Question 9: The prophet ________ lived under the king Josiah (a later king than Hezekiah), and originated from the Shiloh priesthood.

Question 10: Unfortunately, the partial elegance of original narrative in the priestly source, does not extend to the attempts to present portions of the law code as ________.
ShariaCase lawCivil law (legal system)Common law


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