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Price controls: Quiz


Question 1: Historically, price controls have often been imposed as part of a larger ________ package also employing wage controls and other regulatory elements.
InflationIncomes policyMoneyEconomics

Question 2: [1] Furthermore, once controls are removed, prices will immediately be subject to rampant ________, which can temporarily shock the economic system.
Keynesian economicsEconomicsInflationMoney

Question 3: There are two primary forms of price control, a ________, the maximum price that can be charged, and a price floor, the minimum price that can be charged.
Victorian Football LeaguePrice ceilingCollingwood Football ClubRichmond Football Club

Question 4: [1] Shortages, in turn, lead to ________ where prices for the same good exceed those of an uncontrolled market.
Plantation economyMixed economyUnderground economyAnarchist economics


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