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Question 1: Samuel R. Curtis, Price's old adversary at the ________; now commander of the newly-activated Army of the Border.
Western Theater of the American Civil WarTrans-Mississippi Theater of the American Civil WarBattle of Pea RidgeAmerican Civil War

Question 2: ________, to send a corps under Richard Taylor east across the Mississippi River to assist in the defense of Atlanta and Mobile.
Joseph E. JohnstonAmerican Civil WarBraxton BraggEdmund Kirby Smith

Question 3: Price's Missouri Expedition, also known as Price's Raid, was an 1864 Confederate cavalry raid through the states of Missouri and Kansas during the ________.
United StatesBleeding KansasAmerican Civil WarTennessee

Question 4: Samuel R. Curtis and subsequently driven back into ________ by Union cavalry under Maj.
ArkansasAlabamaMissouriGeorgia (U.S. state)

Question 5: [5] Hundreds of Price's men were barefoot, and most had no basic personal equipment such as canteens or cartridge boxes; many carried jugs for water, and stuffed ammunition in shirt and ________ pockets.
Women wearing pantsCottonTrousersSkirt

Question 6: ________'s cavalry division, detached from William S. Rosecrans's Department of Missouri.
Alfred PleasontonGeorge MeadeDavid McMurtrie GreggWinfield Scott Hancock

Question 7: Price departed on his horse, "Bucephalus", from ________, on August 28, 1864.
Little Rock, ArkansasStephens, ArkansasBearden, ArkansasCamden, Arkansas

Question 8: After three years of bloody and inconclusive fighting, Confederate authorities were becoming desperate as the ________ approached in the fall of 1864.
United States presidential election, 1868United States presidential election, 1864United States presidential election, 1856United States presidential election, 1860

Question 9: Price's expedition proved to be the final significant Southern operation west of the ________.
IowaMinnesotaMississippi RiverLouisiana

Question 10: George W. Dietzler (Kansas Militia), Pleasonton's cavalry, and two infantry divisions from Smith's Corps under ________ Joseph J.
Captain (land)Lieutenant ColonelColonelSecond Lieutenant


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