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Pretty Woman: Quiz


Question 1:
Who of the following starred in Pretty Woman?

Question 2:
Who was the cinematographer for Pretty Woman?
Charles Suin
Charles Minsky
Charles W. Hoffman
Charles Salerno Jr.

Question 3:
Who played Aoi Morishita the movie Pretty Woman?
Terue Shôji
Julia Roberts
Keiko Awaji
Keiko Awaji

Question 4:
Who played Ryutaro the movie Pretty Woman?
Ralph Bellamy
Ittoku Kishibe
Richard Gere
Alex Hyde-White

Question 5:
What role did Edith Hanson play in the movie Pretty Woman?
Umeko Murota
Vivian Ward
Aoi Morishita

Question 6:
What role did Amy Yasbeck play in the movie Pretty Woman?
Kotoe Ishigura
Umeko Murota
Elizabeth Stuckey
Vivian Ward

Question 7:
Who played Yoriko the movie Pretty Woman?
Moeko Ezawa
Haruko Mabuchi
Julia Roberts
Keiko Awaji

Question 8:
Who played Ikuyo the movie Pretty Woman?
Reiko Kusamura
Laura San Giacomo
Akiko Kazami
Reiko Kusamura

Question 9:

Question 10:
Who played Kit De Luca the movie Pretty Woman?
Laura San Giacomo
Edith Hanson
Reiko Kusamura
Julia Roberts

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