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Preslav: Quiz


Question 1: The proximity to the then Bulgarian capital of Pliska led to the fast development and expansion of Preslav during the reign of the Khans Krum and ________.
Asparukh of BulgariaOmurtag of BulgariaMalamir of BulgariaSimeon I of Bulgaria

Question 2: It was probably around the Preslav Literary School that the ________ developed in middle of the 10th century.
YatPhoenician alphabetGlagolitic alphabetCyrillic alphabet

Question 3: Archeological excavations have, however, proved that the city continued to develop also during the 930s and 940s and reached the peak in its growth and magnificence in the middle of the rule of Tsar ________.
Peter I of BulgariaBoris II of BulgariaSimeon I of BulgariaSamuel of Bulgaria

Question 4: The city had also large ceramic workshops which produced art ceramics, glazed tiles, as well as ceramic icons and ________.
John the BaptistRoyal doorsIconostasisTemplon

Question 5: Preslav regained some of its importance in Bulgarian politics during the first years of the joint rule of the founders of the Second Bulgarian Empire, ________ and Ivan Asen I.
Samuel of BulgariaPeter IV of BulgariaKaloyan of BulgariaBoril of Bulgaria

Question 6: The ensuing war between Ruthenians and Byzantines left the city burnt and ravaged by the army of ________ John I Tzimisces.
Roman EmperorList of Byzantine emperorsList of Roman EmperorsConcise list of Roman Emperors

Question 7: Preslav Crag on Livingston Island in the South Shetland Islands, ________ is named after Preslav.
Kalahari DesertAntarcticaDesertAtacama Desert

Question 8: The ________ raids during the 1270s drove away the last citizens of Preslav, along with the protothroned bishop of the city.
Volga TatarsKazakhstanTatarsTurkic peoples

Question 9: The conquerors took away the treasury, the Bulgarian ________'s regalia and a large part of the library of Simeon.
TsarRussiaKievan Rus'Emperor

Question 10: Apparently, Ivan Asen ruled from the centre of the uprising, ________, whereas his brother and co-ruler Theodore Peter resided in Preslav as a symbol of the renewed statehood of Bulgaria.
DebeletsSofiaVarnaVeliko Tarnovo


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