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Question 1: The legislature and the president are thus expected to serve as ________ on each other's powers.
Separation of powers under the United States ConstitutionSeparation of powersConstitutionUnited Kingdom

Question 2: This practice is derived from the British tradition of ________ in which an act of parliament cannot come into effect without the assent of the monarch.
SpainReserve powerMalaysiaRoyal Assent

Question 3: ________ is sometimes presented as a case study of democratic failures over the past quarter-century.

Question 4: For example, a ________, who may or may not have been popularly or legitimately elected may be and often is called a president.
ItalyMilitary dictatorshipDictatorDictatorship

Question 5: Elections are held at scheduled times and cannot be triggered by a ________ or other such parliamentary procedures.
United StatesPrime ministerPresidential systemMotion of no confidence

Question 6: (although some Constitutional Monarchs maintain ________) In contrast, in a full-fledged presidential system, a president is chosen by the people to be the head of the executive branch.
Reserve powerCanadaCommonwealth realmGermany

Question 7: Some national presidents are "figurehead" heads of state, like ________, and not active executive heads of government.
Constitutional monarchyRepublicAbsolute monarchyMonarchy

Question 8: In a presidential system, the president usually has special privileges in the enactment of legislation, namely the possession of a power of ________ over legislation of bills, in some cases subject to the power of the legislature by weighed majority to override the veto.
HungaryUnited StatesVetoUnited States Congress

Question 9: Presidential governments make no distinction between the positions of ________ and head of government, both of which are held by the president.
MonarchyUnited KingdomHead of stateMonarch

Question 10: The power to ________ or commute sentences of convicted criminals is often in the hands of the heads of state in governments that separate their legislative and executive branches of government.
Double jeopardyPardonJury trialCapital punishment


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