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President of the European Parliament: Quiz


Question 1: Meanwhile, ________, the leader of ALDE, stated he wished to challenge this system of carving up the post, and presented himself as a candidate.
Jim Nicholson (UK politician)Graham WatsonEdward McMillan-ScottNigel Farage

Question 2: Other founding fathers include ________ MEP and Robert Schuman MEP.
Alcide De GasperiMario ScelbaGiuliano AmatoAmintore Fanfani

Question 3: The President's signature is also required for the ________ and Union acts adopted under codecision procedure to be adopted.
Enlargement of the European UnionBudget of the European UnionMember State of the European UnionEuropean Parliament

Question 4: With the reorganisation of leading EU posts under the ________, there was some criticism of each posts vague responsibilities.
European UnionTreaty of LisbonTreaties of the European UnionEuropean Council

Question 5: Prior to 2009, the "oldest member", the eldest MEP (similar to the ________), presided over the chamber during the election of the President rather than the previous president.
Father of the HouseConservative Party (UK)Winston ChurchillBaby of the House

Question 6: Since the European People's Party and ________ began co-operating in the 1980s, they have had a tradition of splitting the two posts between them.
European UnionSocialist InternationalParty of European SocialistsProgressive Alliance of Socialists and Democrats

Question 7: When the ________ meets, the President addresses it to give the Parliament's position on subjects on the Council's agenda.
European ParliamentBarroso CommissionEuropean UnionEuropean Council

Question 8: Ukrainian ambassador to the EU Andriy Veselovsky praised the framework and clarified it in his own terms: The ________ speaks as the EU's "government" while the President of the European Council is a "strategist".
European CommissionerBarroso CommissionSanter CommissionPresident of the European Commission

Question 9: Under the agreement, Jerzy Buzek will be President in the first half of the term and a S&D member, probably Martin Schulz (SPD, ________) in the second half (2012-2014) of the term.

Question 10: Green co-head ________ wanted to change the rules so that the youngest member would chair the session, to reflect the future.
Caroline LucasDaniel Cohn-BenditEdward McMillan-ScottJean-Marie Le Pen


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